CAP is a friendly, social organization. We meet for coffee from 10.30am each Wednesday at Restaurant Chilli, Benamara (next to Tanino, near the Robin Hood).  Many weeks we have a speaker. The meeting starts promptly at 11am.

Events and excursions include shopping trips to Gibraltar, visits to the theatre and exhibitions, lunches and dinners at different venues along the coast, mystery trips, and the occasional quiz. A full programme is detailed in our free quarterly magazine, and will be regularly updated on this site.

Apart from enjoying ourselves we raise money for local charities, mainly Age Concern, Adana, Alzheimer’s, Aspandem, and Cudeca. Since Christmas 2013 we have been collecting food items on a weekly basis to boost local churches’ efforts to feed needy families through their soup kitchens.  Please pop a few extra packets of dried goods, especially pasta, tins of fish or meat, etc. into your weekly shopping bag. Milk, baby food and children’s cereals are also urgently required, as well as toiletries. Please continue this much-needed good work as we are assured that local people are still in desperate need.

New members are welcome; our membership fee is only €15 per annum. If you would like to join our friendly group why not come along for coffee? You will be assured of a warm welcome.

Feel free to wander around this site; there will be frequent posts letting you know what is going on at the club on our Blog page.  Links to our supporters are in the column on the right:  their donations cover the cost of producing our club magazine, so do encourage local businesses to take a page or half page – costs are really low and are detailed in the magazine. We are now looking for sponsors for 2018.

Kindly send submissions for the club magazine to Mary Erlich – 952 896820 / 639 267 354 mary.erlich@gmail.com,  and you are invited to leave comments on this page.

 running peke


2 Responses to About

  1. rachel garrod says:

    Hello I heard on the radio you have slots for speakers. I am a PhD qualified respiratory physiotherapist and often give talks for Age Concern, Diabetes group and U3A. In Marbella I provide specialist respiratory physio as well as domicilliary general mobility and balance work. I usually talk about what physio can offer for older people, help to become more active, better breathing and quality of life and better balance with reduced riak of falling. Please let me know if you’d be interested in something general like this of more specific eg – how to prevent falls.

  2. Celia says:

    Hi Rachel
    Thank you for your interest in our club – sorry for delay in response but I have been in Gib.
    I am sure our members would be delighted to have you come and talk to us; I am passing on your mail and details to President Terry, and he will be in touch with you shortly.

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